4 Benefits of Installing a New Furnace in Oak Grove, KY

The average furnace in Oak Grove, KY, will last between 15 and 20 years when properly maintained. Knowing that, it’s a good idea to plan for your next replacement rather than waiting until your current heating system fails. Here are four benefits of installing a new furnace in your home if your system is getting old:

Enhanced Efficiency

Every furnace loses efficiency as it ages due to reduced component performance and natural airflow restrictions. Additionally, manufactured efficiency tends to get better with time. That means a new furnace now is much more efficient than a new model 20 years ago.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality affects the performance of your furnace and also affects your cleaning and respiratory health. When you replace your furnace, you’ll remove all the contaminants that built up in the old system. It’s also a natural time to add devices like whole-home purifiers, scrubbers and humidifiers.

Fewer Furnace Repairs

It’s common knowledge that you’ll experience an increasing number of furnace repairs in the last two years of its service. These are a result of components aging and losing their effectiveness.

You can avoid some of these repairs with routine furnace maintenance. However, all components will eventually wear out. It makes more sense to replace your furnace rather than continue to sink resources into an old unit.

Avoid Pilot Lights

The pilot light is a pain in many older furnaces. This continually burns a small amount of fuel to light the burner when it’s time. It can blow out in some circumstances, and you have to relight it to get more heat.

Newer units use a hot surface igniter in place of the traditional pilot light. This igniter heats up when it’s time to start the burner, which in turn lights the fuel. These igniters are more efficient and have fewer problems until it’s time to replace the component.

Why wait for your furnace to experience a catastrophic failure before getting the benefits of a new unit? Call to schedule your furnace installation consultation with one of the expert service technicians at All American Air today.

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