Would a New Thermostat Fix Your HVAC Issues Oak Grove, KY?

A thermostat controls the HVAC system in your Oak Grove, KY, home. It’ll switch the system on or off, depending on the ambient indoor temperature. Below are four signs that you need a new thermostat installed:

HVAC Short Cycling

The thermostat is the main control unit of the HVAC system. It’ll send a signal to the system to either increase or lower the temperature in a home or switch the system on or off. If the HVAC system short cycles, it’s likely the thermostat’s prompts are wrong.

Short cycling can occur when the wires in the device fray or sustain other damages. Allow an HVAC service technician to inspect it and decide if it’s the problem or another component is causing it.

Faulty Readings

The thermostat controls temperatures in your home. To do that, it has to register the ambient temperature in your home and then send signals to the different components of the HVAC system. If your device can’t register the correct readings, it means its sensor has a problem.

Failure to correct the thermostat causes it to send the wrong signals to system components. This causes higher or lower than comfortable temperatures.

Constant Temperature Changes

When thermostats are faulty, they can’t maintain settings. The settings may keep changing without warning. This may also result in short cycling.

Old Thermostat

Thermostats get old and outdated with time. The unit can last up to 10 years. Newer thermostats are more efficient.

For instance, you can ditch a non-programmable thermostat for a programmable or a smart model. Programmable thermostats allow you more programming options.

If your thermostat also starts to fail to respond to settings, you know you need a new one. Call All American Air’s service technicians in Oak Grove, KY, for all your indoor air quality and HVAC service needs.

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